Pure CBD zero THC

How We Got Started

I fell about 5 years ago and hurt my knee, hip, & back.  I have severe arthritis, bone spurs, and damage.  Increasingly, I have lost mobility and gained pain.  A friend of mine broke her back and started taking CBD, and has since not had to take any pain meds or suffer side affects.  I started Plus 500mg of Hemp Oil Tincture (60% CBD).  Since starting, it is almost alarming that I have experienced very little pain.  The swollen "knobs" on my spine have disappeared, and I can literally stand up straight again.  

I have a 12 year old Irish Setter Champion, that was getting up very slowly, hurting a bit, had a stiff shoulder.  He is now active and acting like a young adult.  Most Irish don't live much longer than 12-13 years old.  We'll see if this helps Storm live much longer.  Here's hoping.